Cultural Psychology and Cross-Cultural Psychology

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Ch1: Describe the similarities between cultural psychology and cross-cultural psychology. Describe the differences between cultural psychology and cross-cultural psychology. Cross cultural psychology and cultural psychology are two fields of psychology that are often confused. Cross-cultural psychology and cultural psychology have many similarities and they differ in a few areas. Cross-cultural psychology is a comparative field of psychology that studies the cultural effects on human psychology. A cross-cultural study draws its conclusions from at least two samples of at least two different cultures and compares them in order to examine underlying reasons for diversity between the cultures, as well as the universals that each culture shares with another. Cultural psychology seeks to find the meaningful links between a culture and the psychology of the individuals living within that culture. Cultural psychology's main message is that human behavior is only meaningful when you're studying the behavior of individuals within the particular sociocultural, or in the culture in which the behavior occurs. The comparisons that cross-cultural psychology makes about each culture must begin with cultural studies. Cross-cultural psychology and cultural psychology both study the effects of cultural norms on human psychology, as well as patterns of thinking, feelings, and actions that they display whereas cross-cultural psychology identifies the similarities and dissimilarities
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