Cultural Readjustment In The Native American Culture

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The earlier historical settings gave an opportunity to the Europeans to visit the primitive cultures of the world. As time progress the settling of the Europeans in different areas provided an accumulated firsthand knowledge which defined the means for existence for human beings. By looking around us we can observe the later stages on cultures that are as a result of the process that was initiated at the late age of colonization and exploration. The culture of the people has spontaneously been affected by this occurring changes thus causing cultural readjustment that has significantly contributed to transformation and new ways of social interaction. When cultures interact, then there has to be cultural exchanges that are experienced.…show more content…
For instance, there are states such as Delaware and Illinois that are named using the names of Native American tribes and also there are cities such as Miami and Chicago. Additional to that, the language of English has adopted other words used every day such as chipmunk and moccasin from the Native American Languages. Another area of culture that was greatly affected by the Native Americans is the art. The Native Americans had strikingly beautiful culture and traditions which are visible from the reservation of architecture of tribal facilities and has impacted on other culture. Among the highly rated and valued work of art in the America is the wool Rugs that are woven by the by the tribe in Mexico (Hallowell). Other objects such as turquoise and silver jewelry are expensive and were used by the Native Americans. Crafts work including pottery, bead making, and crafted leather products are highly treasured in the American culture and people keep them in their homes for the purpose of beauty. All these work of art was borrowed from the Native American lifestyles. Apart from art and language, the Native Americans also had another greatly felt influence on agriculture. They were exemplary skilled farmers and they taught the Europeans a variety of farming techniques and different crops (Park, Hongu & Daily). They taught the European settlers different methods of irrigation and planting methods such as crop rotation. They also introduced other foods that are
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