Cultural Reflection : Cultural Experience

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Cultural Experience Reflection

The cultural assignment allowed me to gain a new perspective on the differences of others. I have grown up in a household of dissimilar belief systems. My mom is a dedicated Christian while my dad is unassociated with any religious beliefs. Though, he grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness. There differing belief systems have been the cause of various conflicts within their relationship. I often wondered if people with contradicting beliefs could effectively and peacefully discuss their belief systems. This cultural experience showed me that a peaceful discussion is possible between individuals of dissimilar beliefs.

Within the cultural assignment, I had the opportunity to talk with an atheist regarding the origin of his beliefs. Anthony was the name of the person that I talked to. Within our discussion, I learned that there were vast differences in the story of our personal development. I proclaim to be a Christian and was influenced by my mother to live a Christian lifestyle. While growing up, I was not exposed to a variety of other religions, and was the implication of Christianity as being the right choice in faiths was imprinted on me from an early age. On the other hand, Anthony grew up in a non-religious environment that did not consider religion as being a mandatory part of everyday life. Within my growth as a Christian, I have usually surrounded myself with others who possess the religious beliefs that I hold. As a result of my
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