Cultural Reflection Paper

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Culture is a term that is used heavily in conversation, yet little do people know what culture really is. It may be difficult to talk about culture and to define it, but it is even harder for people to understand how culture has shaped their lives. It is also hard for them to be able to breakdown and analyze their own culture. For some reason, it is challenging for us as people to be able to see the way that society and relationships have affected the way that they view people and situations. Being able to view our culture from an outside perspective is a difficult task and even more confusing when you try to identify markers that shaped who you are as a person. If I was to introduce myself to my peers with the question “What is your Identity?” asked, I would have to describe myself as a Caucasian, middle-class female who grew up in a small-town located in a rural county Southeast of Indianapolis. I grew up as an only child who was loosely raised as a Catholic. I also do not like to tell people that I’m an only child due to the fact that we are looked at as being spoiled and selfish people. I could describe myself in detail, but, it would not be hard to realize how culturally incompetent I am. Although, I see myself as being culturally aware, I still have a lot to learn from other cultures. Until recently, I had not been exposed to very many people who were so diverse in their traits and values. In order to find out who I am and what my cultural identity is, I have to
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