Cultural Reflection Paper

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1. Culture is perceived as a way of thinking that influences the behaviors of a group of people.
This is often carried down from generation to generation. Culture consists of three variables. These include demographic variables such as age and gender. Status variables often include education, and economic and social standings. Lastly, culture can be broken down into affiliation variables.

Though I may not come from a physically diverse family, I do come from a very diverse socioeconomic background. Demographic variables that influence me as a person are things like the age of my parents, the level of education within my family, economic status and affiliations. My own culture is also influenced by the different exposures to diverse status variables and socioeconomic standings.

My father came from a family of very little money. His parents were divorced when he was nine years old. Culturally, he was raised by both parents separately. His mother was a single mom putting herself through nursing school. My father is the oldest child of 4, and often took on adult responsibilities. Their status was considered lower class; however, their outlook was very giving and self-less. They were appreciative for everything they had, because they knew how hard it was to obtain. My father’s side is very outgoing, hardworking and independent. They remain humble, and are very well-rounded members of society.

In contrast, my mother’s side of the family is upper class. They come from

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