Cultural Relativism : Culture And Culture

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Nowadays, we live in a fast changing world society, in which it is making people of different cultures interact closely to each other. This contact may be a good one or a bad one. It all depends on how open mind we are and how respectful we are with the different cultures. As curious persons, almost everyone wants to know about others cultures, which are its tradition, religion, costume, and how that culture works. However, people make judgment about the things they may think are wrong, disgusting, or even inhuman from other cultures. Because they think that their culture is better than the other ones. Cultural relativism explains to us why it does not exist a major culture we should follow or think it is the best one.
The theory of cultural relativism explains that there is not a universal right or wrong because morality differs culture by culture. Politics, religions, traditions, laws, foods, and cloths-are just some things in which every culture has in differences. Cultural relativism says, that not matters how much someone agrees or disagrees in any of those, there is not a superior culture. Whatever the majority of that society says is right, it is, and whatever the majority of that society say is wrong, it is. For example, if I were born in China or India, it would be normal and even right for me to see female infanticide. In spite of the fact that morality differs and depends on each culture, I would not be allowed to make a judgment against this practice because I am
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