Cultural Relativism Essay

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Every individual in the world has their own culture they practice. A person's culture is sometimes not understood; however, that’s when the idea of cultural relativism comes up. The idea concerns a person’s beliefs and activities. It's based on a person’s culture. A cultural practice could be out of hand and at other times it's not. I believe that there are limitations to a person’s cultural practices. I limit myself to the point at which people do things that have not been proven to work. Nevertheless, I am okay with a practice that does not physically harm anyone.
First of all, I tolerate any cultural practices that does not cause physical injury. I believe that any cultural practice that provokes injury is one that should not be practiced. For instance, there is a cultural practice in the village of Castrillo de Murcia. The practice involves babies and men dressed as devils. Parents lay their babies on the floor and men, which are dressed in a traditional devil costume, jump over them. The reason why they practice this is because babies are considered “little sinners.” Once they jump over them they are considered absolved of man’s original transgression (Grundhauser). I find this practice acceptable because no one is getting hurt. In addition, these babies are put in protective areas. Unlike other practices, these people put babies in a mattress with sheets and pillows. It is unlike to cause to the babies and that's why I find this practice acceptable.
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