Cultural Relativism Is Not Ideal

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Cultural Relativism is not Ideal
In The Challenge of Cultural Relativism, James Rachel’s main argument is that cultural relativism is not creditable, but the whole theory of what cultural relativists believe, isn’t completely incorrect. Cultural relativism is the theory that beliefs, activities, and most values are based on the person’s culture. In other words, right and wrong is different in each culture. I agree with James Rachel on his view of cultural relativism because he has very good reasons for objecting the argument that cultural relativists make. This paper will argue that James Rachel’s opinion on cultural relativism is correct and the assumptions that cultural relativist believe are incorrect.
Cultural Relativists believe in the cultural differences argument. This argument says:
“1.Different cultures have different moral codes.
2.Therefore, there is no objective "truth" in morality. Right and wrong are only matters of opinion and opinions vary from culture to culture” (Rachel 21).
Rachel’s considers the cultural differences argument for cultural relativism to be unsound. I agree with her because it just is not logical for something to not have anything that is objectively true just because people disagree on it. An example that stands out to me regards murder. If Society A agreed on murder and society B disagreed on murder than the conclusion is not that there is no objective truth on the matter. Murder is obviously wrong because if in a particular society
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