Cultural Safety And Nursing Practice

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Cultural safety is a concept that is integral to providing best care to patients in nursing practice. The CRNBC defines cultural safety as a process requiring RNs to reflect on their cultural identity, and develop their practice in a way that allows them to affirm the culture of their patients; cultural unsafety can be defined as any actions which demean, diminish, or disempower the cultural identity and well-being of people; this also addresses the dynamics of the power relationship between the Health Care Provider and the patient (p17). Although an environment of cultural safety is a standard that we are held to as nurses, this ideal is not always reached. In this paper I will discuss one such incidence, as well as some of the changes that will assist myself as a nurse, as well as others members of the healthcare team to create an environment of cultural safety.
Culturally Unsafe Experience Through my nursing practice, I was on a team caring a patient who we will refer to as John. John was a middle-aged Aboriginal gentleman. He was hospitalized due to end-stage liver failure, secondary to alcohol abuse. As a result, John was receiving end of life comfort care. While in the room with John, the nurses were always very considerate of him and provided him with adequate end of life care. However, as soon as the nurses would leave the room, they would discuss his condition with other nurses. This included talking about how they don’t feel empathetic for him or enjoy caring for
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