Cultural Safety And Patient Centred Care

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Cultural safety is patient centred-care. This statement is debated within the following essay. Discussed are definitions of cultural safety and patient-centred care. Cultural safety is debated, alongside how policies, models of health, quality issues and health informatics impact on health care. Science and learning needs are articulated within the debate professional issues analysed. Finally, a conclusive opinion is made to complete the debate. Patient-centred care has been defined as a delivery of care through planning and evaluation which is beneficial to patients, through working collaboratively and involving them in decisions surrounding their care (Berryman, Palmer, Kohl, & Parham, 2013). Patient-centred care encompasses care in all health settings and patients from beginning to end of life (Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, 2010). Within patient-centred care are eight concepts, these involve comforting patients, emotional support, supplying information to patients through education and effective communication. Continuity of care, support through transition processes, organisation of care, involving family/whanau in health care and providing access to health services are also embraced (Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, 2010). Patient-centred care revolves around patient experience and how the patient perceives their health care and service delivery from the health care deliverer (Australian Commission on Safety and
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