Cultural Scene: Buying Coffee at the Starbucks Coffee Shop

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Culture is considered to be the set of values, beliefs, traditional systems, and even artifacts produced by a specific group of people in a specific time or period. These values, beliefs, traditional systems, and artifacts determine the nature and dynamics of the community or society that collectively created or produced them. It is also inevitable that from these cultures, sub-cultures will be created, and even form another culture that could be complementary, similar to, or even directly opposite of the nature and dynamics from the original culture it sprung from.
In today's societies, there exists multiple and a variety of cultures and subcultures that identify and define a particular group of people in a particular time and place. For this paper, an ethnography of a modern subculture is studied and documented through field observation. The subculture identified is the coffee shop culture, particularly the Starbucks coffee shop culture located in an office building of a commercial business district in San Jose, California. The building, being at the heart of the central business district, has an air of modernity in it as the buildings are a combination of concrete, steel frames, and the faรงade is primarily made from glass. At the ground floor of the office building, the lobby is in between…
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