Cultural Sensitivity And Culture And Other Practices

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Cultural Sensitivity Khader Salami Cultural sensitivity refers to the awareness as well as the sensitivity to culture and other practices. Cultural sensitivity can encompass examining different cultures and how they should be accurately approached in the health care. It also includes how to communicate according to within the health care setting. Cultural sensitivity is important area because it can impact the way people work in the health care facilities. It also encompasses valuing differences so as harassment, discrimination, either intended or not. Culture is a fundamental and complex concept which consists of broad aspects of people in the health care setting (Campinha-Bacote, 2003). It includes the concepts of sexual orientation, gender, faith, age, disability, race, ethnicity, profession and socioeconomic status. Cultural sensitivity stems from this understanding in that; it’s inlcude interpersonal skill as well as the knowledge that will allow the providers of health care, appreciate, understand, and work with individuals from different cultures other than theirs. It also consists of acceptance and awareness of the people’s cultural differences, knowledge, self-awareness of the cultures of the patient and adapting to the skills. Many cultural groups, including lesbian and gay people, individuals with disabilities, lower socio-economic groups and ethnic minorities, for
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