Essay about Cultural Sensitivity, Knowledge, and Skills from Nurses

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Nowadays, nurses not only need to know how to care of their patients, but they also must be able to care of patients from other cultures with many beliefs and values. Cultural views of individual influence the patient’s perception and decision of health and health care (Creasia & Parker, 2007). In order to care for people across different languages and cultures, nurses need to develop cultural sensitivity, knowledge, and skills.
Cultural sensitivity means being aware that cultural differences and similarities exist and have an effect on values, learning, action, and behavior (Stanhope, et al., 2005). Beliefs and practices about health and illness are different with different cultures. With appropriate respect and interaction, nurses can
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A nurse can develops cultural knowledge by educating herself or himself about the world view of other cultures and ethnic groups (Creasia & Parker, 2007) about diseases and health conditions, and variations in drug metabolism (Lee, et al, 2006). Some of the ways a nurse can acquire knowledge by reading about different cultures, attending continuing education courses on cultural competence, and attending cultural diversity conferences (Lee, et al, 2006). In clinical setting, a nurse should ask patients how they wish to be addressed. Never make assumptions about individuals or their beliefs. Try to ask questions about cultural practices in a thoughtful manner. Always find out what the client knows about health problems and treatments. In addition, show respect for the client’s support group, for example family, friends, religious leaders, etc.Understand how men and women fit in the client’s society. In some cultures, the oldest male is the decision-maker for the family, even for treatment decisions. If we know who the decision makers are in the family, we can work more efficiently with them to get the better outcomes. This will take time; eventually, nurses will possess a comprehensive knowledge in different cultures, if these are accomplished (Hagman, 2007).
Cultural skill is the ability to adapt to new situations flexibly and creatively. Cultural skill
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