Cultural Shock: The First Phases Of Culture Shock Experience

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“The first phase of culture shock is characterized by excitement because the traveler is interested in all of the differences found in the new country. He or she may marvel at the beautiful new scenery, enjoy the delicious new food, and simply enjoy experiencing the new sights and sounds. The foreigner may also feel that everyone is interested in them because they are from a different country, or they may feel that everyone is friendly and willing to help the out.
While the honeymoon phase is fun and exciting, it also ends fairly quickly as the traveler encounters difficulty adjusting to life in the new country.”

Because life is so different in the new country, the foreigner experiences many unexpected difficulties as they enter the second stage of culture shock, the rejection phase. This is the
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Reverse culture shock happens when a traveler returns home only to realize that they miss the foreign country. They see problems with their own home country, or maybe they do not like the recent changes that have occurred while they were abroad.
Many of the things that they liked about the foreign country can not be found in the home
So, it takes a while to adjust to the home country just as it did did in the beginning when they first travelled abroad.

Culture shock is likely to happen to anyone who lives abroad for an extended period of time. Feelings of excitement, followed by frustration, homesickness, and finally acceptance are normal occurrences. Understanding the stages of culture shock can help as you learn to adjust to the new country. If you are planning to studying abroad in the future, you should learn as much as possible about the new country before you go. This will ease some the uncertainty and surprise. Also, learning the language will help you communicate with the people and make living easier. Staying in contact with other people is also important. Try to make friends from the host country. Join student clubs and community
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