Cultural Significance Of Cultural Culture Essay

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The studies into culture have been on-going and the importance of cultural significance in societies has increased in recent years due to the changing dimensions of the world we live in. Globalization itself has had a very profound effect on cross-cultural interactions through progression in the fields of communication and technology that allow the formation of virtual work teams, the elimination of borders in trade, increased labour mobility and migration between countries. While theorists over the years have tried to define culture, it is important to note that cultural experts themselves have stressed the difficulty of defining the concept without touching into different ideas and theories that contradict each other (Browaeys and Price, 2008). Hofstede (2001) defines culture as 'the collective programming of the mind that distinguishes the members of one group or category of people from another '. In his book International Management (2003), Tayeb adds to the literature defining culture as ‘historically evolved values, attitudes and meanings that are learned and shared by the members of community and which influence their material and non-material way of life’. Some of the most commonly identified elements of culture are values, attitudes, rituals and shared meanings that are developed by individuals over the course of their lives through education, regional and national influences (Hofsede et al, 1991; Schwartz, 1992; Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner, 1997). Having
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