Cultural Similarities And Differences Between A Successful Transaction And Humiliating Rejection

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The world has changed more than any other time throughout the previous recorded history. One of the most important changes since the World War II has been the vast expansion of the international society. With the disintegration of colonialism, scores of nations in Asia and Africa, with their teeming millions, have emerged as independent sovereign states. While the traditional international society during the last two centuries and more consisted of a homogeneous group of European states, or states of European origin, with a distinct western Christian civilisation, culture and common values, the new extended world-wide community of states is extremely heterogeneous because of very different historical, social, cultural,
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In recent years, a number of studies have been done on cultural factors and cross culture comparisons in different areas by great researchers (such as Kim, Forsythe and Gu 2002; Sokling, S, 2004; Monika and Morven 2005). Moreover times in the previous studies have been discussed and compared cultural differences between two, or more than two nations and regions and in some cases it explains the effects of cultural factors in customer values, needs and behaviour. The research investigate the customer’s needs, beliefs and buying nature and to gain customer loyalty in two different countries. The research concluded that consumers in different cultural environments will be affected by their cultural values, needs and behaviours when choosing some brand and so retain their brand loyalty (Kim et al, 2002)
The research will be related to studying the advertisements, marketing strategies & techniques of branded retail sector related to food & beverage (Fast Food industry) and comparing them in Delhi (India) and Leeds (UK).

As discussed in introduction, now a days all companies are giving more
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