Cultural Strain Theory Paper

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Introduction The Cultural Strain Theory states that persons of different cultures have a harder time developing relationships, than persons of the same culture. There are many different theories that reveal the terms and aspects that are needed to develop a relationship. Reducing one’s uncertainty towards the other, having low levels of anxiety, and being able to relate to the relationship partner are all vital to developing a relationship. There are three theories that address these three relationship components. Uncertainty Reduction Theory, Anxiety Management Theory, and the Relational Theory are the theories that I used to develop the Cultural Strain Theory.
Uncertainty Reduction Theory The Uncertainty Reduction Theory states that relationship development is a process of reducing uncertainty about one another. When developing relationships, people desire to reduce the uncertainty about the other person by attaining information about them (Bradac, 1982). Reducing the amounts of uncertainty is an important component in a relationship. There are three main reasons why people feel uncertain: anticipation of future interaction, incentive value, and deviance. Anticipation of future interaction deals with the way one feels about someone else when they know they will see them in the future. If someone is guaranteed to see a
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This theory describes five good things that fosters relationships and empowers the people involved in them. It talks about the importance of having a sense of zest or well-being, which comes from connecting with another person, and the ability and motivation to take action in the relationship as well as in other situations. The five good things also include the increased sense of worth and knowledge of oneself and the other person, and a desire for more connections beyond the particular one (Institute,
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