Cultural Taboos : Native Hawaiian

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Tiana Gonzalez Professor Aldredge Human Services 360 11 October 2016 Cultural Taboos: Native Hawaiian Cultural/Ethnic groups are what make up this great world. In this paper, I will be writing about Native Hawaiians. The depth and knowledge in which I had about the Native Hawaiian before this paper, was very limited, but in my research I found a wide variety of information regarding this cultural group. It is a very complex and beautiful culture. In this paper I will address the history, migration and attending behavior, reflecting skills and relationship skills in the Native Hawaiian culture.
Historical Information. Hawaiians, otherwise known as Native Hawaiians, are descendent of the Polynesians ethnic group and the indigenous people of the Hawaiian Islands. The Polynesians that traveled from the Marquesas Islands began populating the South Pacific islands as far back as 1100 BCE (Winters and Schwartz 318). Pre-Haole, or Pre-Colonial, Hawaiian culture and society revolved around the land, sea and community (Trask 4). The Hawaiian culture formed within a social structure that driven by the reciprocity between the physical and spiritual elements of family and the ‘ohana (family) bonded by ‘aloha (Trask 4). The ‘ohana is a concept that places emphasis on families are bound together and members must cooperate, respect and remember one another, this concept is the

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