Cultural Technology And Its Impact On Western Asia

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Cultural proximity is the nationally, rather locally developed content that is related and supports traditional identities concerning regional, ethnic, language, religion and other cultural components (Georgiou, 2012).Cultural proximity is related to Confucian which is a common cultural belief in East Asia that had been commonly used as a tool to enhance the consumption various idea including media content in the region. Chua (2004) argument that the commonness in Confucian basis to East Asia region culture as having been overtaken by a common popular cultural circulation via the media suggests that cultural proximity is not a major tool any more in determining the consumption of media content within the region. This can be explained by the current trend where everything is going in the global direction. With globalization and advancement in technology, local is going global and the global is attempting to become local or rather regional. In the modern world there are no boundaries for political, economic and cultural concepts overlap, converge, and collide beyond regional boundaries not only in the East Asia region but in the entire world. Confucian was utilized by governments to promote their economies, but people became skeptical like in the case of a incidence in straits Times (1998) ; where governments were perceived as weak and corrupt and only utilizes Confucian for its own good and more worse the Asian financial crisis displaced the Confucian project(Tu 1991).In

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