Cultural Traditions And Beliefs Into Their Classrooms

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The three people I interviewed are all first year teachers, in their early 20’s, white, and teach in a B-6 setting. As I interviewed each individual, I started to feel like they had similar perspectives. Looking over their answers now, I wonder if it’s because they all went to the same college, are close in age, and are first year teachers. I’m curious how someone in their 30’s or 40’s would respond to these questions. Some common themes I found while interviewing these individuals is that all go back and forth between promoting diversity and unity. I think it narrows down to what the situation is. All individuals support and incorporate various cultural traditions and beliefs into their classrooms. I found it interesting that one of the…show more content…
This individual explained how they absolutely stress cultural differences and common aspects of their students in the hopes of building a tolerance and an awareness of all cultures and backgrounds. Two out of three of the individuals said their classroom was connected with the development of a democracy. They explained that they allow for choice in their classrooms. One of the teachers also explained that although she allows for a lot of choice in her classroom, there is still a clear balance of power, where the student respect her and she does the same. The individual who doesn 't believe their classroom is connected to a development of democracy because of the Common Core Standards. They explained that everyone does and learns the same thing. I thought this was interesting because I feel like as a new teacher, you know how to worth with the common core not against it. Since the standards in place now are all newer teachers know I feel like many new teachers how work around the standards, and allow for learning to be fun and different in each classroom. Therefore having a developing democracy in as classroom isn’t unreachable. white, age 22, female, third grade teacher, first year teacher 1. What is the teacher’s professional role in developing a multicultural society? (OR should the teacher play a professional role in developing a multicultural society?) Explain briefly. “The teachers role should be helping to expose various
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