Cultural Traditions And Mores Of The World

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The issue on the table is one of cultural traditions and mores which depending from which part of the world you live in, display a diverse and varied set of actions and behaviors which have been practiced over centuries but the advent of globalization have threatened these cultural traditions and mores.

Globalization has been good to some countries and has afforded these countries the opportunity to reinforce their cultures such as India for example through satellite television, is able to extend and expand on the number of regional channels which prior to the emergence of the phenomenon called globalization, would not have been able to capture a wide audience but is able to do so comfortably now through the medium of satellite television which is a product of the advancement of technology.

Other countries are seeing globalization undermining their cultural traditions whether it be food, clothing, lifestyles etc. being threatened and undermined.

For instance, whaling which is a norm for the Norwegians and Japanese and this practice goes back centuries as in Japan as well as Norway.

1. Do you agree with Norwegian and Japanese position permitting the hunting of non-endangered species of whales as cultural exemption?

Both the Norwegians and the Japanese hunted the whales for food as well as a source of raw material for a variety of economic purposes so as to boost their local and national economies and generate foreign earnings by exporting the products
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