Cultural Value And Behavior Of M & Hk

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Cultural Value and Behaviour of CC & HK China is a huge counties with population of 1.3 billion. The culture of the North and the South are different. Therefore, it would be unrealistic to assume that Chinese people have ( Kim, Wan, and Pan) completely homogenous attitudes or behaviors. Even Chinese subcultures have many commonalities which including the use of the same Chinese characters, worship of the same ancestral spirits, a pride in Sinocentrism, a heavy influence of Confucianism that stresses family order, respect, and relationship harmony (Fan, 2000), a willingness to accept unequal power distributions in society, high integration of groups, and a tendency to avoid uncertainty to a greater extent than other cultural groups (Hofstede, 1980). However, in order to identify the different between Chinese subcultures, before the launching of the cultural studies programme in Lingnan University in 1999 there was no university in Hong Kong that had institutionalized cultural studies as a discipline. Therefore, the scholars of the Cultural Value and Behaviour of Hong Kong is rare. And it mainly focus on the history and the identity of Hong Kong people. History Hong Konger Culture- Chinese & British Hong Kong is a society characterized by British colonial legacies under heavy Chinese influence. Hong Kong has been closely connected to mainland China in terms of geographical proximity and ethnic composition have created a favourable climate for maintaining ethnocultural
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