Cultural Value Of Cosmetics

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Cosmetics are internationally used by people to enchant their appearance, improve their skin, and express their personalities. Many cultural values could be used to develop a marketing strategy for cosmetics, but three of the most important are sensual gratification, individual/collective, and youth/age. Cosmetics, which include makeup and skincare products, are often used for the purpose of enchanting one’s appearance either to appear younger or more attractive to others. Another use for makeup is expressing one’s individuality or for creating a look to fit in with their group.
Sensual gratification is the cultural value that determines whether it is culturally acceptable to pamper oneself and how one can indulge in gratification. Cosmetics can be and often are marketed for increasing one’s sexual appeal. Therefore, conservative cultures can be more hesitate when purchasing makeup but can be convinced if it is presented as pampering and self-expression – sexual appeals won’t work in conservative cultures like many Muslim and Asian countries (Mothersbaugh & Hawkins, 2016, pp. 51-52). On the other end of the spectrum, cultures with high sensual gratification will be responsive to sexual appeals for cosmetic brands. High end cosmetic brands have embraced this appeal and now market products with names such as “Fucking Fabulous”, “Fuzzy Handcuffs”, and “Better Than Sex” in the United States and Europe (Harper, 2017). While brands like Nars and MAC enjoy popularity with these
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