Cultural Values

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Each person develops in some type of culture. It is the environment that we live in that determines what we learn, how we learn it, and the rules for living with others. My family and I are Peruvian. That would make me Hispanic in the United States. My origins are straight from Peru. I came to the United States when I was 12 years old, so my beliefs and traditions haven’t changed from when I was still in Peru. There are rules that are transmitted from one generation to the next and are often adapted to the times and locations, and these rules are absorbed by children as we develop and learn about home country traditions, customs and beliefs. These customs will still follow us throughout your life. Although a person can be broken down into…show more content…
I knew everything was going to change. But it was then when I came to know my culture values. It took perhaps the combination of being in another, foreign culture and being away from my own to make clear to me the impact of culture on my life. I began to know the value of Familismo. I started to value more than before the close relationship I had with my relatives. I even realized that being a country that gives many opportunities could allow me and my family to aid my members of the family experiencing financial problems, unemployment, or other issues. When I came to the United States I also came to put in practice the value of Simpatia (“kindness”) as well as the value of Respeto. I was taught to value respect, and be kind to others. For example when my parents, elders or other relatives need care I am responsible to care for them as just as they took care of me in my earliest stages of life. I was taught to never answer back to not only elders, but to anyone who’s older than I. I had the privilege of having experienced both Hispanic and American cultures; however growing up with mainly Hispanic culture values has shaped me to be the person I am today. Once my family and I were living here, one of the cultural values that we put in practice within my family was the eating habits. While I lived in Peru, it was customary for my dad to come home from work for about two hours to be together for lunch. But once we settled in
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