Cultural Values In Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Chronicle Of A Death Foretold

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Gabriel Garcia Marques provides a unique platform in his novella, Chronicle of a Death Foretold (COADF) to analyze facets of traditional Colombian values. The characters provide context regarding particular sectors of religion, cultural values and social norms throughout the novel. Marquez highlights a multitude of cultural juxtapositions throughout all of his novels, however, COADF in particular comments on the social hypocrisy of religion and the double standards due to gender norms throughout the novel. In the novella, Angela Vicario’s character highlights misguided principles and helps to understand how women and other groups of people in the country are maltreated. Common themes throughout the novel often victimize Angela Vicario, such as sexual identity, alcohol abuse and religious scrutiny. Marquez conveys these themes through imagery, symbolism, allegory and most especially periphrasis. This paper will effectively highlight how these factors demonstrate the cultural discrepancy in allowance of freedoms and the roles of women in the novel, and broader country. Periphrasis is often considered to be a dreary, poorly written selection of a novel. Readers often misunderstand its significance; however, Marquez is able to effectively use the literary device to provide contextual evidence for his characters. When painting traditional scenes of culture, especially through the magical realist lens that Marquez utilizes, periphrasis allows for an in-depth platform and
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