Cultural Values Of Heritage Museum

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Heritage museums cherish and conserve the legacy through: artifacts, testimonies, narratives by exhibiting different turning points of history, while displaying the main ethics that are valuable to a community. Thanks to modern age technology and changes, heritage museums are able to expand their actual facts through the internet, notably via the museum websites. However, considering the fact that no history is able to cover all the basis, heritage museums along with historic sites have to be eclectic with their accounts of history. For this research paper Hofstede’s Cultural Value Dimensions are used to study A society’s dominant cultural values are shown in its historical accounts, as seen by the analysis of the research on Texas Revolution stands behind the logic of dominant cultural values of a community are illustrated in its narrative reports. The explanations of heritage museum give people a glance to the past, trying “to inspire and educate the public for the purpose of strengthening awareness and appreciation of cultural heritage” (George Ranch Historical Park, 2015). The concern is the events, facts and stories brought by the heritage museums are not totally accurate with the events brought to their audiences “culturally constrained” narratives (Hofstede & Minkov, 2010, p. 494). Their version of the past is likely to express the principles that are “‘broad preferences for one state of affairs over others,’” that their cultures deem important (Hofstede, 1985, p.
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