Cultural Values Of Sex Education

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Sex education is still treated as taboo in the modern world. The roots of this vary from culture to culture, but the impacts remain the same; the prevalent rape culture that persists around the world, STI pandemics, sky-high teen pregnancy rates, and the LGBT community being at a much higher risk of contracting diseases and being targeted for hate crimes (Sanoff, 1). However, what remains unacceptable is when this prohibition seeps into governmental actions, especially governments with an emphasis on the separation of church and state.
In this extended essay, the question investigated is to what extent have cultural values affected sex education in some countries causing such a disparity between countries with a non-existent or abstinence-only sex education curriculum to countries with advanced, progressive sex education. The countries discussed will be the United States, the Netherlands, and Thailand. The essay will go over how these nations differ in their approach to the curriculum as well as how to combat customs that impede it from occurring. To what extent have cultural values affected government decisions regarding sex education in schools in the United States, Thailand, and the Netherlands, and how could this apply to other nations across the globe? Source: (“The World Factbook: NETHERLANDS.”, 1)(“The World Factbook: USA.”, 1)(“The World Factbook: THAILAND.”, 1)

The Current State of Sex Education in the United States

There are seven issues with
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