Cultural Views On Suicide

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There is never a reason that one should commit suicide, but different cultures have varying views on the act. In Japan there is a type of suicide that is referred to as an honorable suicide. This act is committed by the individual, usually a samurai, were the sword is inserted in the stomach to induce the individuals death. The individual does this to prevent dishonor upon his family through loss of the fight or any great despair (Chambers, 2010). In other societies such as the American Indians they believe that suicide should not even be spoke about due to the fact it will increase the rate of suicide around them. When a suicide occur within the American Indians society they minimize the events associated with the death, and attempt to…show more content…
Illness and disease cause feelings of discomfort, pain and unease within the person that is experiencing them. However, illness is dealing more with the subjective feelings of an individual. In contrast, a disease deals with a condition were the body or parts of the body do not work properly (Lanceaksh, 2009). Many of the illnesses that are associated with suicide are mental illnesses which include depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia (Washington, Nd). In the case of a mother killing her children in attempts to kill herself is referred to as filicide-suicide. Filicide has been linked to all of these mental illnesses that have been listed, and usually the individual has sought treatment (Freidman, MD, Hrouda, MSSA, Holden, PhD, Noffsinger, MD, & Resnick, MD, 2005). Most of the individuals in the study have had other attempts on one own life or have expressed other concerns. If Ra Mi was an American women it would not be an ‘honorable’ act to commit suicide. Currently, Japanese individuals are not finding it honorable either, and are currently attempting to lower the suicide rates in Japan (Chambers, 2010). There is never a good reason to commit suicide, while it seems like the easy way it effects so many individual that are still alive. In Japan suicide is the leading cause of women aged 15-34 and men aged 20-44 (Chambers, 2010). These numbers need to be changed rather than glorifying that act as a universe there…show more content…
Most individual go on to regret the act affect treatment has been administered (Freidman, MD, Hrouda, MSSA, Holden, PhD, Noffsinger, MD, & Resnick, MD, 2005). Ra Mi believed that she had shamed her husband, and her children were failure along with her. She expressed that American didn’t understand what suicide would mean for her, but does Ra Mi understand what it meant to be an American. Ra Mi grew up in a country very different from the one that she had chosen to live in, and there should have been so many different outlets rather than that of the extreme choice she made. Unfortunately someone did not understand that struggles that she was faced with at the time, and illness that she was dealing with. All too often something that could have been prevent was not in this specific case due to lack of
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