Cultural and Medical Differences Between the Hmongs and Western Countries

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According to some researchers, they came from a place in China called Yellow Basin. The term Miao is commonly used to refer the Hmong people in China. A debate exists between different people for calling the Hmong of West by this term, but the Hmong living in China still use this term for their recognition. Some of the scholars of China wrote that the Hmong were self-governing and proud people. On the other hand, after the two dynasties, Qing Dynasty and the Ming Dynasty, the Hmong were reported to be rebellion. As a result of wars, the Hmong were thrown out of Laos, China, Thailand, Burma and Vietnam (Her, 2012).It is not simple to get knowledge about the history of Hmong because no written evidence is available. Their history has been transferred from generation to generation (Cha, 2010).
Hmong had their own cultural way of speaking, traditions and behaviors of life. In addition to this, they also adopted the cultural ways of the nation in which they reside.
At the initial stage of the nineteenth century, many Christians have converted a great part of Hmong people to their religion. Besides this, after shifting in the West from the Southeast much more Hmong people adopted Christianity as their religion. On the other hand some Hmong people of…
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