Essay on Cultural and Relationship Values Analysis

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Cultural and Relationship Values Analysis Michelle Bennett MGT/567 October 14, 2013 Lisa Browning Baderman Island Resort Memo To: All Employees From: Michelle Bennett Date: Re: Implementation of New Employee Handbook Baderman Island Resorts has decided that it is a good time to implement a new employee handbook. Please be sure to read this memo in its entirety to understand why the handbook has been changed. Baderman Island Resort continues to grow in popularity and brings all types of travelers to the island. Because of this, the Boardman Management Group thinks that having a well-developed employee handbook will be beneficial for current and future employees. Also, The Boardman Management Group…show more content…
The first thing that will be covered in the new employee handbook will be employer rights. This will include health and safety, diversity, affirmative action and due process procedures. There will also be coverage of the employee rights as well. This will include the same items covered in the employer rights. The final use of the employee handbook will be as a training, reference, and compliance tool to help the organization stay organized and focused on the goals and objectives of the company. Employees will be able to stay knowledgeable on the policies and procedures, and to remind the employees of the employer’s responsibilities and their rights. My hope is that this memo has been informative towards the new employee handbook and the direction that Baderman Island Resorts is heading towards. I believe that the new employee handbook will be an excellent tool for the employees to prevent confusion and questions that the employees may have. Employee Handbook for Baderman Island Resort Mission and Vision of Baderman Island Resort The mission and vision statement for all employees is the quality customer service, an extraordinary vacation experience where the guests’ needs and desires are met above and beyond, and to
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