Cultural competency in Nursong Care

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Cultural Competency in Nursing Care
Dorcas Jacobs
Grand Canyon University: NRS 429V Family Centered Health Promotion
September 29, 2013

Cultural Competency in Nursing Care
As the United States becomes more and more culturally diverse one cannot help but be exposed to various cultures and worldviews. America has long been called the melting pot, and that term has never been truer than it is today. According to Green and Reinckens (2013) the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that by the year 2041 the U.S. population will be a majority minority. In other words, less than half of the population will be non-Hispanic, single race Caucasian. This growing diversity makes cultural competence in healthcare a necessary
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We will consider three families of differing cultural heritage, and explore how each of these cultures influences perceptions of health care.
The first family interviewed consists of a husband, wife, and two elementary aged daughters who came to the U.S. from Nigeria five years ago. The marriage was arranged between the husband’s father and siblings and the wife’s parents. Because of the great sense of community in this culture, the residents of the couple’s two villages also had to agree to the marriage. It was clear to this author that family and community relationships are highly valued in this family, and great emphasis is placed on valuing the opinions of, and deferring to elders. In Nigeria, health maintenance or protection is not highly considered, yet the residents of the villages generally have excellent health with very few incidents of the chronic diseases we face in the U.S. The reason for this relates to the physical activity involved in daily life, such as walking great distances, and manual labor working in the fields. Another reason for the health of the community is the diet they eat. Each family grows fresh vegetables and fruits. Beans are a primary source of protein, and meat is a special treat that is consumed only a few times per year. Processed or sugary foods are not a part of the diet. As a matter of fact the wife mentioned
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