Culturally Consistent Spacial Layout Improves Learning and Memory

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In your own words, write a summary of the study that reviews the purpose, variables, hypotheses, method, results and major conclusions. The best way to ensure that you are using your own words, and not just copying the article, is to read it from start to finish (a few times, if necessary), then put the article out of sight, and describe it as best you can from memory. This takes time to do well, so this is not the type of assignment that can be done the night before it is due! (15 points; approx. 1-1.5 pages) Purpose: The purpose of the experiment was to see if there was any correlation between the spatial presentation of stimuli and a change in comprehension and memorizing information. Variables: The variables used in the first…show more content…
There were four groups of children each with different conditions. The conditions were the arrangement of the two rows of boxes which were arranging the boxes from left to right for both the first row of boxes as well as the matching boxes, left to right for the first row of boxes then right to left for matching, right to left and then left to right, and the final group was assigned to boxes arranged right to left and right to left. The children were given 5 different scenarios to guess where the monkey was to make sure it was not just a lucky guess. b) Integrate what you have read in the article with what you have learned about developmental psychology in this class (use textbook and/or lecture materials, citing them properly). Think about how you can relate this finding with some of the theories of developmental psychology or other research presented in the textbook. (20 points; approx. 2 pages) c) Analyze/critique the study.* For example, what are the limitations of the research? The limitations of this research include firstly, that children were only recruited from one city in the states; New York City was used however there were children from three regions in Israel used for the study. Although this does not seem like a protruding limitation, if children were chosen from multiple regions in the United States were chosen, there could be significantly different results from the study. Another limitation of the study is that there were

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