Culturally Divided Community

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Most people do not realize their true ethnicity. Many assumptions and biases about culture are made by people who do not realize that it’s impossible for one to purely fall under one nationality. Most do not realize that as much as there may be reasons to hate one another, there are also reasons not to hate. My ultimate goal is to unite my culturally and racially divided community. My community and school district, the East Ramapo Central School district, has a dense population of minorities such as Caribbean islanders, African Americans, and Latinos. However, in the last few years the Hasidic Jewish community grew significantly. This growth led to specialized institutions being established separate from the general community, which divided…show more content…
The individual may do whatever he/she wants to do with the results. One of the largest motivating factors for this activity is to unite my community. I want to begin mending the divide. The results would show that the individuals who took the test are more culturally diverse than they assumed. By allowing the assumptions of various members in the community be proved wrong and showcasing that everyone is biologically related in one form or another, this hatred and tension may wane. Many may be more open to accept and work with the other group, and the behaviors of the community may become more inclusive than exclusive. This issue can also be presently observed from a national viewpoint of the “#blacklivesmatter” movement. Often times many passionate opinions about culture are stated, but most opinions are exclusive. Specifically in my educational student community, I believe that many are speaking up, but no one is taking a step to bring everyone closer to acceptance and peace. Hostility will not solve the issue. I am willing to take the first step in educating members of the community, and hopefully eventually the country, that there is a common thread binding everyone
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