Essay on Culturally Relevant Curricula in Schools

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In this article summary, I answer the question of whether extra emphasis should be placed on culturally relevant curricula in schools. Using varied researchers in the field of education, I first examine culturally relevant curricula and how culturally and ethnically diverse students do not receive the curricular support they need. Since students do not live in a bubble, neither can the school curriculum be isolated from the lives of the students, so I also examine the relevancy of involvement with the students and how the knowledge gained can be used to adjust curriculum. The issue of cultural relevancy often comes up when students are not proficient but cultural relevancy also is involved when culturally diverse students are gifted, so I…show more content…
The study involved extensive interviews, videotaping of teaching methods, unannounced classroom visits, and collaboration in group discussions with the other subjects. Through her research, Ladson-Billings found that the teachers who were most successful invariably poured themselves into the teaching profession, the community that they taught in, required academic excellence, and were as much learners in the classroom as they were teachers. These teachers were passionate about their work, not thinking that their profession was just a job. There was an attempt to bond with each of their students and the people in the community. The teachers were often seen in the community, using community services and patronizing local businesses, as well as attending the churches. Collectively, the teachers made the students responsible for their learning (whether individually or as a group). They also had no problems with helping students that were deficient in areas to become proficient by spending extra time with the students. The author stated, “When students came to them with skill deficiencies, ( (Ladson-Billings, 1995, p. 163). Additionally, Ladson-Billings found that the more that these teachers put into teaching and bonding with their students, the more the students excelled. Her research showed that teacher investment in good practices and their lived experiences combine to give them
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