Culturally Relevant Environment : How The Educator Incorporated Various Elements Of Diversity

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Culturally Relevant Environment
Promoting diversity and equality in education is essential both for teachers and for students. The main goal of holistic learning is to create a classroom environment where each student can thrive in learning as well as understand that the individual characteristics are meant to make people unique and not different. This means creating a classroom environment that is inclusive of all learners. A teacher should design an environment that pays attention to the needs of students from diverse backgrounds including learning and assessment process that ensures that every student is given consideration in terms of accessibility and inclusivity. A diverse learning environment must also incorporate
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The chart helps students identify the number of pennies that make one nickel, the number of nickels that make one dime and so forth. Another chart is also present to show the days of the week. There are also charts to help students identify emotions as well as different travel forms of going home. In total, there are more than 30 different props that this teacher incorporated in her classroom to enhance student comprehension.
Materials and Equipment
There are numerous learning materials and equipment that are available in this classroom. The normal materials such as desks, chairs, glue, writing materials and reading materials are well arranged and organized through the classroom. There are more books for reading more than any other types in the classroom. There are also numerous plastic baskets that are used to hold the books so as to ensure that they remain neat and readable all through. In total, there are 10 baskets to hold the different reading books in the classroom. Other books visible include mathematical practice books, and science books. There are also files for every student in the classroom displayed in one corner of the classroom.
Other materials visible in the class include a clock placed on your way out, just on top of the door. The clock is accompanied by visuals to help the student read the time and understand when it is time to do every daily activity. There are also headphones that the student can use during listening sessions.

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