Culturally Responsive Coaching

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The paper discusses partial results of a coaching experience with students doing a degree in languages who teach in workshops for socially vulnerable young adults in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). The coaching experience includes mentorship, co-authoring courseware, collaborative teaching and group study of literacies theories. The portuguese language workshops in wich its develloped are aimed at participants of programs of social inclusion who feature the following profiles: (1) young offenders aged 16 to 24; (2) young people from 18 to 24 years old who are at social risk; (3) fathers and mothers at social risk and (4) former prisoners.
The workshops
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Participation in this community, whose practice is characterized by mutual engagement in a joint venture and a shared repertoire, it is, therefore, a central element in the buiding of the teaching identity of its members. From a methodological point of view, we adopted the qualitative research to investigate how the reflective practice and the collaborative perspective that characterize the coaching experience makes sense to the team. We will analyze interviews and diaries of the grantees, focusing on two combined aspects: (1) the development of knowledge, skills and teaching atitudes in the interaction between team members; (2) the incorporation of contemporary literacies theories (COPE & KALANTZIS 2000, 2009 and 2011; STREET, 2014, GEE, 2001; 2008) into the professional identities under construction. Our hypothesis is that the comprehension of the plurality of literacies, inserted into the set of perceptions, values, attitudes, routines, gestures, actions and concepts that make up the community repertoire, is an important element in the identity configuration of its members. We believe that the study and subsequent didactic transposition of these theories, associated with teacher student interaction during the workshops favor the construction of a culturally responsive teaching profile, crossed by a increasing respect
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