Culture : A Universal Form

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Culture, in a universal form, can be defined as customs, beliefs, and attitudes of one group of people that distinguishes them from another. Not only can culture refer to countries,it can also transmit through language, professional groups, organizations, religions, different generations, and plenty more. There are many aspects of culture;would you dress or act the same way going to a night club as you would going to church on a Sunday? Would you act the same way you would act at a symphony as you would at a rap concert? Hopefully the answer to these two questions are no. Of course, churches usually say come as you are since there is no set in stone dress code to fellowship. However, if someone walked into church with a skin tight dress or a little too short skirt; there will for sure be a lot of dirty looks going their way. Even vice versa, I’m almost positive if someone shows up in a church dress to the club there will be a few stares and whispers. There are always signs that will be shown whether something is acceptable or not. Organizational culture works very similar to that. Every company has its own distinctiveness to it. This is referred to as its culture. It is how people behave in the company and shared beliefs and values of that company as a whole. There are certain dos and don’ts for every company. A lawyer cannot come dressed to work in comfortable clothing like a person working at Google can. Both jobs have very different culture. When starting a new job you
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