Culture : An Integrated Whole Making It

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Question 2
Culture is definitely one important thing. Culture is defined as the learned behavior patterns that are attained by members in a society. Throughout this entire class we have learned so much about culture and how important it is for being historical and cultures as interconnected. The idea of culture being historical is really important because all cultures are known to be apart of something bigger. In one of the readings, “culture is defined as historically produced in particular locations under the influence of local, national, and global forces and events” (Merry, pg. 11). In order for one to understand culture one must know the history behind it and the traditions passed on through time. Culture is about all of the ideas and practices that have been going on for years and year but it is still open to new and changing ideas. Furthermore, the idea of culture being interconnected is important because no particular part of a culture can be studied in alone. Culture is known to be an integrated whole making it all connected with one another. By being interconnected it consists of the beliefs, morals, skills, and much more that one can learn from others in the society. Overall, culture being interconnected is extremely important and significant because in order to understand the whole culture, one must study all of the connected aspects, it is the only way.
Moreover, other ways we can understand culture is just the way we see it. It is how we were brought up and
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