Culture And Beliefs From An Etic View And The Sub Saharan Beliefs On Marriage

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Cultural relativism is the belief that others should understand one 's culture and that their way of doing things should not be frowned upon by those in another culture. Right and wrong are dictated by the culture and should not be judged by other people from different cultures. What is morally correct in one culture may be morally incorrect for someone in an alternate culture. However, seeing convictions of another culture that one is not accustomed to can be troublesome. It is hard not to judge one 's beliefs when in your culture you conceivably believe the opposite. Once a person is raised to believe what they have been taught in their culture it is hard to comprehend another culture 's beliefs, especially if in your culture their belief repudiates yours. The objective of this essay is to study my culture and beliefs from another cultures perspective. In this paper, I will examine my culture of American marriage and the beliefs within from an etic view and the sub-Saharan beliefs on marriage from an emic view. In this essay, I will describe American marriages from an etic view. I will make an attempt to remove myself from my culture and view it as an outsider looking in. An etic view on something is when you see something from an outsider’s perspective. As Crapo has described in section 1.1 an etic view, “models invariably describe each culture in ways that seem alien to its own participants but that facilitate comparisons between cultures and the discovery of universal

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