Culture And Buyer Behavior : The Impact On Impulsive Behavior

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Culture and Buyer Behaviour: The impact on impulsive behaviour


Since consumers are always changing and purchase differently with various cultures, it is necessary for marketers to research and analyze different cultures where their customers in and how buyer behave during their shopping trip in order to effective stimulus and lead consumers to purchase, provide better service for them and sharpen the competitive edge in the market. For consumers, shopping is not only satisfy their needs, but also the important activity for satisfy their wants in nowadays.Therefore, marketers have increasingly paid more attention on different causes that most consumers’ behavior are influenced.
Among these causes, impulse behavior, as the universal phenomenon of consumers’ lifestyle, can be one of the focal factors for how the buyer behave in the market. The human being is a rational animal, but as a consumer, sometimes they make irrational actions. They buy things they do not need or they were not planning to buy.According to Strack, Werth and Deutsch (2006), impulse behavior happens spontaneous, sudden and immediately without any purposes when consumers experience a desire to buy. With the development of market innovations, for example credit cards, “instant credit”, cash machines, 24-hour retailing, home shopping networks and telemarketing, consumers become easier than before to purchase things on impulse (Rook, 1987).

But the question is, what really makes their

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