Culture, And, By Luigi Pirandello

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Culture, and subculture, posses a certain intrinsic value which is often learned through immersion –imperative in understanding one’s psychological foundation. Society possesses a preconceived idea of what is normal due to years of experience and reform. This process has led to conflict between cultures in regards to the definite definition of “normal.” However, can one derive a definite definition of culture? Although, culture is something that we are born into, we have the power to decide to leave the culture for another – accepting the risk of not ever finding our cultural identity. The argument of whether culture is inherited or learned, the theory of cultural determinism, and the ways in which these concepts conflict with culture in short stories, such as “Blue Winds Dancing” by Thomas Whitecloud, and “War,” by Luigi Pirandello, are discussed in the following essay. Culture When considering the connotative meaning of culture, often known as an identifying factor in a family, organization, or society, it can be rather simple to experience disconnect with rationalism. The concept of culture – complex and subjective – has been a paramount topic throughout history due to the curiosity, growth, and sprawl of populations. In modern era, an important idea to note resides in the fact that culture is not a term which is locked-in by political borders. Rather, culture exists as the embodiment of a group’s beliefs, experiences, and behavior; as well as the contrast apparent in

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