Culture And Career Counseling Paper

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Culture and Career Counseling
Stella Canty-Herring
Grand Canyon University
January 27, 2016
Joseph is a 22-year-old AA male that was arrested and charged for raping a minor when he was 18 years old. Joseph and his victim had been in a relationship for over 6 months prior to his incarceration. Joseph was a freshman in college and a star football player. One-night Joseph life changed forever when him and his alleged victim was surprise by her parents and she called rape on what he saw to be consensual. Four years later, Joseph will be paroled from federal prison with little training and no handbook for community re-entry. However, Joseph will be provided a list of stipulations. Joseph is made aware that he will be place on the register
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Too many of these individuals do not reintegrate successfully into society; within three years of release, four out of 10 prisoners will have committed new crimes or violated the terms of their release and be re-incarcerated (The Pew Center on the States…show more content…
Help people find part-time / full-time employment opportunities and depending on skill and cognitive functioning / a job coach may be needed.
Government Re-Entry Programs. Supports post-incarceration reentry efforts by assisting in job placement, facilitating access to drug-free housing, and providing other supportive services.

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