Culture And Cultural Norms And Values

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What is Culture and Identity? This assignment will analyse the different types of cultures in society, these cultures will include high culture, low culture and pop culture. This assignment will also look at different types of identities in relation to cultural norms and values, discuss the links between the media and leisure industries in relation to identity. According to (Kidd & Teagle, 2002, p114) culture is discribed as the way of life of a social group including their values, norms, behaviour pattens, customs and rituals and even material objects. (Giddens, 2001, p22) states that culture refrs to the way of life of the members of a society, or of groups within a society. It includes how they dress, their marriage customs and family life, their patterns of work, religions ceremonies and leisure pursuits. Howerver Gidden also adds that, no culture could exist without culture and without culture we would not be human at all. We would have no language in which we can express ourselves, no sense of self-consciousness or have the ability to think or reason. However Giddens statemment can be argued on both side as culture can be summarised into many features into an individuals’ life, for example the way in which an individual decides to dress can be influenced continuously by their culture a good example of this is a gothic person. Goth is a subculture group who can be found wearing the same clothes which is prodominantly black they often stand out in society because of
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