Culture And Culture Of The United States

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Many cultures are recognized in the United States, the question is where did they all come from?, and how does integration of cultural choices influence today 's culture? To understand this you have to understand history. The people of today, their ancestors, have all migrated to different places throughout the united states so you could say that we are all immigrants. Many cultures are rather similar to others because they have migrated from the same parts of the world, but yet some show a major contrast from one another. Traveling to another country, state, or even neighborhood in your city, there may be a culture shock. Culture shocks open your eyes to what 's different, but with the culture shock you have a chance to explore these…show more content…
There are different celebrities out there whole are role models for young children and what they do in the media, people see that. Children aspire to be like their different celebrity role models and so they might do some of the certain things that they do without realizing what they are doing. A well known celebrity who is apart of the Kardashian clan is Kylie Jenner. Her being at such a young age and accomplishing so much is what our society, for the most part, would wish what would become of us. Many people know that she has lip fillers and many believe that she has had work done to her body even though she claims that she hasn 't. Just like many different teenagaers around the world she is still going to make mistakes, and still going to be uneducated on certain topics. In the post made on instagram that she made she had red cornrows braids and the caption stated “I woke up like this”. In the later article “It’s Not ABout Kylie Jenner’s Braids” you see that the young female actress Amandla Stenberg back lashed at her for the post saying it is to “understand the issue with cultural appropriation is to understand our reality.” people are uneducated about where certain styles come from, and so once you put it out there, then there will be backlashes against you because you could not back yourself up. Kylie

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