Culture And Culture : Organizational Culture Essay

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‘People are in most cases unaware of their own culture until they experience another culture and have to make changes to their own. Although the word culture is used on a frequent basis, it is still hard to define culture as it is interdisciplinary in nature. Generally, culture is looked at in terms of the differences in rituals, values, beliefs and norms in a particular country or place. The Oxford dictionary (2007) defines culture as “the customs, civilizations, and achievements of a particular time or people. Over the years, culture has been looked at in different ways. One such approach to culture is organizational culture. The behaviour of the employees and through this the external image of the organization is determined by the organization’s culture (Bratianu, Vasilache, & Jianu, 2006). Organizations have increasingly started to focus on the unique culture innate to them, trying to find ways to gain a competitive edge over others. There is no single widely accepted definition of organizational culture although one commonly known definition by Lundy & Cowling (1996) is that organizational culture is “the way we do things around here”. In other words, the culture of an organization can be understood through the values, beliefs and norms shared by the organization as a whole. Therefore through an understanding of the culture, managers should be able to determine a general trend on how employees of an organization think and behave in tandem with the organizational
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