Culture And Identity Of A Refugee Living Essay

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In this paper, I will discuss the importance of culture and identity of a refugee living in Canada, and how her experiences shaped her as a person and her future. I have interviewed a friend and colleague, named Elodie Bambuzuke who was born in Rwanda. Throughout this paper, I will also reflect on course material and various articles of interpersonal culture and how it relates to newcomers to Canada. My plan in this interview is to learn more about Elodie’s culture, her immigration to Canada, her experiences in coming to Canada, and what it is like to live as an immigrant in Canada. The understanding of Cultural Competence is crucial to any field, as many professionals in Canada have the experience of working with people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. Being able to understand one another and the values one holds is most important in the workplace, and/or any other social setting. In a diverse country such as Canada, it is important that professionals have the ability to learn from colleagues by sharing their values, customs and traditions. This enables us to work successfully with one another and incorporate certain attributes of specific cultures into our daily Establishing a relationship with a co-worker of a different culture and ethnicity is especially important in my field, as our organization employs various backgrounds that speak different languages and bring unique ways of doing things to the workplace. I have decided to choose option A for this
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