Culture And Influence Of Percussion Instruments In Western Jazz/Pop Music?

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Culture and influence of percussion instruments in Western Jazz/Pop music?
Percussion instruments play a vital role in bringing the band or an orchestra together by providing mostly rhythms in the genre of Jazz and Pop form of Music.

Jazz Drumming is the art playing percussion in Jazz style .The techniques and instrumentation of this type of performance have evolved over several periods, influenced by jazz at large and the individual drummers within it. Stylistically, this aspect of performance was shaped by its starting place, New Orleans, as well as numerous other regions of the world, including other parts of the United States, the Caribbean, and Africa.

Pop music is a genre of popular music that originated in its modern form in the Western
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Jazz drums consists of 14 wood snare, 12" rack tom and 14" floor. 18" or 20" bass drums. The Drums are also tuned high to go after a much more open sound where each drum can ring fully out.
Cymbal sizes are similar but again the Jazz drum set will avoid one-trick trifles such as splashes and crashes and instead go for cymbals that can sing a hundred and one tones to suit their every need.

Technical Characteristics
Percussion instruments make sound by being hit. Drums have a hollow body that amplifies the noise of a stretched membrane being hit. Some instruments are shaken, like the maracas. Others resonate when hit, like bells. Yet others, like cymbals, just plain make a noise when they're hit. Percussion instruments can even be odd things like ratchets or castanets.

While different notes are not usually played on percussion instruments, drums are usually tuned to a specific note. They are tuned by tightening or loosening the head of the drum. The tighter the drum, the higher the note. Some drums are also arranged so different pitches can be played. The larger the drum, the lower the pitch. You can try this out with the four tom-toms below. Just click a drum to hear it. Note that bigger drums are lower than smaller

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