Culture And Its Influence On Communication

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The reading, in its entirety, explains the concept of culture and its influence on communication within both, a particular community and the world at large. It also mentions the three interconnected layers of culture, i.e., the outer layer, the middle layer and the core. The first two layers consist of symbols and ideals shared by a group, whereas the core layer includes adaptive culture or the ways of things because of human evolution. The implication is that culture is not something that is inherent in human behavior. It was built by continuous interaction and has been handed down to the newcomers in the society. This does not mean that people within a culture have identical sets of symbols, ideals or behavior, but there may be some similar behavior within that group of individuals. It could result in stereotyping which is an exaggerated form of the predicted behavior of a particular social group. Since all of humanity faces the same day-to-day problems, the behaviors or solutions to those problems among various cultures mainly depends on the different perceptions of the meaning of life. In other words, all cultures face the same obstacles but their solution varies. Therefore, to a certain extent, cultures can be blended to reunite values. “Stereotyping ignores the fact that individuals in the same culture do not necessarily behave according to the cultural norm.” In other words, just because a person belongs to a particular culture, it does not always mean that he or
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