Culture And Its Influence On Culture

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It is hard to have a single definition of the term culture. Different people have their understanding of culture. According to my understanding, culture can be defined as people 's way of life. This includes their values, customs, beliefs, languages as well as traditions. In general, the concept of culture is well reflected in the history of people, their heritage and how they express their ideas as well as their creativity. The culture of a particular group of people can be used to assess the quality of their life, their vitality and the health of that society. Through culture, people can develop their sense of belonging, their personal and cognitive growth and their ability to empathize and relate to one another (Smith, P. 2001, 25).
According to one of the postings, culture is a system of skills that is shared by a large group of people. It refers to the cumulative deposit of beliefs, knowledge, values, experience, attitudes, religion, meanings, material objects among other things (Myers, F. 2002, 217). From another posting, culture has been defined to be the collective patterns of behaviors and interactions, the cognitive constructs, as well as the affective understanding, which are learned through the socialization process. These patterns are used to identify and distinguish members of different cultural groups from others.
Despite the definitions, culture plays an important part in our daily lives. There are many benefits of vibrant and strong culture.…
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