Culture And Mass Medi Media Influences On American Culture

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Culture and Mass Media
Nathanial Robb
HUM/186 – Media Influences on American Culture
October 30, 2017
Allyson Wells Three forms of mass media that I have interacted with recently are the book State of Fear by Michael Crichton, the film Spiderman, and the internet series RWBY, each of these is in a distinct sphere of mass media, State of Fear is print publishing, Spiderman is in broadcast media and RWBY is in the sphere of digital media. These three forms of mass media each had an impact on my cultural values in their own unique way. State of Fear is a book about global warming, it aims to prove that global warming is a farce perpetuated by the government. However, you may feel about global warming the book does reinforce a lot of my personal cultural values, the book shows that material wealth is not the only important thing and that giving money to charities is great so long as you know what your money is going to and how it is going to be used, but you should make sure the charity is legitimate and is going to use your money for the purposes you want it to be used for first. The film Spiderman reinforces my personal value of self-sacrifice for the greater good of humanity, of risking your own wellbeing to help others and the desire every person has inside to be a hero. RWBY has many of the same values as Spiderman self-sacrifice for the greater good and risking everything to help save people’s lives, but RWBY also focuses a lot on the value of family and friendship

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